Gold/Platinum Records

RIAA Certified Gold Record Award for I Never Cry as Presented to Warner Brothers

Press Kits

Straight Records Promo Card and 8x10's
Billion Dollar Babies Press Kit
Muscle of Love Press Kit
Lace & Whiskey Tour Press Kit (Headlines Cover)
Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend '98 Press Kit

Photos and Cards

8x10" B&W The Nazz Photo
8x10" B&W The Nazz Photo
8x10" B&W The Nazz Photo
8x10" B&W The Nazz Photo
Spiders Business Card
8x10" B&W 1971 Alice Cooper Photo
8x10" B&W 1971 Alice Cooper Ad Photo
Color Photo of Michael Bruce 1972 (Autographed)
8x10" B&W Early Alice Cooper Photo
8x10" B&W Early Alice Cooper Photo
8x10" Color Photo of Alice Cooper
8x10" School's Out Era Band Color Photo (Autographed by MB, DD & NS)
8x10" Promo Color Photo of Alice for Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper Movie
Harry Nilsson and Keith Moon with ACG in the studio for Billion Dollar Babies
8x10" B&W of ACG in Sailor Suits
Color 8x10" Alice with Blood Covered White Top Hat (Autographed)
Trash promo photo with bikini models
Trash promo photo with bikini models
B&W 8x10" Promo Photo of Alice Cooper (Guardian 1997) (Autographed)
B&W 8x10" Promo Photo of Alice Cooper (NCA)(Autographed)
Color 8x10" Promo Photo of Michael Bruce 1997 (Autographed)
8x10" Area 51 "Bikes 'N Babes" Promo Color Photo (Autographed by MB, NS & RS)
8x10" 1998 Color Photo of Alice Cooper and Michael Bruce (Autographed by AC & MB)
8x10" B&W of Alice with Jason (from Friday the 13th)
Invitation to Trash Album Platinum Presentation Party
1973 "Picture Pop - Top Sellers" Photo #37 (Italy)
Hey Stoopid Era Postcard
Alice Cooper "RockCards" Trading Card #165
Alice Cooper "RockCards" Trading Card #140
Alice Cooper "RockCards" Trading Card #110
Alice with Salvador Dali Post Card (from Dali museum)
Alice with Salvador Dali Post Card (from Italy)
Billion Dollar Baby era Post Card
Billion Dollar Baby era Post Card

Button and Pins

Elected '72
America Tour '73
Color Badge from England 1973
70's Alice Face Button (Fan Made I Believe)
80's Logo Button
Deathsheadskull Pin
Raise Your Fist & Yell Tour Button
Michael Bruce Group Button

Non T-Shirt Clothing

Ushy Boxer Alice Cooper Shorts
Blue Denim Alice Cooper Jacket
Alice T-Shirt Iron-On
1976 Alice with Toy Robots T-Shirt Iron-On
Embroidered The Last Temptation Baseball Caps

Newspaper and Magazine Clippings

Iowa Newspaper Headlined with G.B. Death (Wright County Monitor Oct. 23, '97)
Mason City, Iowa Newspaper with Front Page GB Death (Globe Gazette Oct. 20, '97)
Mason City, Iowa Newspaper with Front Page GB Funeral Story (Globe Gazette Oct. 25, '97)
March 1999 The Arizona Republic Review of Cooper'sTown Restaurant
Ad layout for Welcome to My Nightmare Show with Special Guest Suzi Quatro
Lamintaed Welcome to My Nightmare at Sahara Tahoe ad
Laminated "Ol' Black Eyes is Back" Ad for Alice Cooper Goes to Hell Album
Laminated Alice in Thunderland Mustang Giveaway Ad
My engineering company's February 2002 newsletter with article on my Alice stuff

Handbills/Flyers/Programs/Set Lists

Area 51 (MB, NS, GB, & R. Scarlet) Handbill (1 Autographed by MB, NS, RS & Heidi - shown in link, and one autographed by GB and MB)
Vintage Handbill for Halloween night 1969 at Olympia Stadium in Detroit
Vintage Handbill/Booklet for Fillmore East 1971
Alice Cooper 1991 England Show Handbill
Los Angeles House of Blues Calendar Handbill w/ Aug. '98 Alice Listings
New Orleans House of Blues Calendar Handbill w/ Oct. '98 Alice Listings
Las Vegas Aladdin Casino 9/29/01 Handbill
Wrestlemania III Program (includes Photo of Alice with Jake The Snake Roberts)
RockFest 1998 Program (with Alice)
4th Annual Piney Woodstock Concert Program (Michael Bruce Show)
Set List from Debut Show of the Micheal Bruce Group
Set List for Michael Bruce Group at the Glen Buxton Memorial Weekend
Flyer for Debut Show of the Michael Bruce Group
Cardi's Club March 1998 Flyer Including MBG Date
Red Michael Bruce Handbills. Ads for Book, Rockefellers, the Book Signing & Pineywoodstock
Color Photo Handbill for the Michael Bruce Group (Autographed by Michael)
Michael Bruce Group Handbills for The Outback Pub (Houston, Texas - May 9th, 1998)
The Outback Pub May 1998 Handbills Including a MBG Date
"Meet Neal A. Smith" Real Estate Pamphlet

Other Miscellaneous

Alice Cooper Loves It! temporary tatoo (unused)
Killer Cloth Patch
School's Out promo sticker
Unused vintage Alive Enterprises address label
1973 Badge (from Germany, Still Sealed)
Billion Dollar Babies pillow case
Billion Dollar Babies, It's A Band, Born to Polydor Promo Cigar
Lace & Whiskey Mobile (Hanging Thick Die-Cut Card Promo)
Hard Rock Cafe Special Summer Menu with School's Out Design (Signed by AC, MB, NS & DD)
Welcome to My Nightmare Color Promo Sticker
Certificate of Insanity
Alice Cooper Fan Club Application (Album Insert)
Black Widow Inc. Stock Certificate (25,000 Shares. Stamped #8)
Alice Cooper Christmas Tree Ornament
Limited Editions Alice Cooper Candle
Straight Jacket Life and Crimes Key Chain (Rectanglar)
B$B Baby Face Key Chain (Round)
Brutal Planet Key Chain (Round)
Love It to Death Album Wall Clock
Interview Disk CD Clock
Bright Green Alice Cooper Dollar Bills
Prince of Darkness Movie Promo Mirror
Large Popped Colored Balloons from Alice's Carnival Tour
Stuffed Teddy Bear with Brutal Planet shirt
Carnival Tour Stage Plot Drawing
Carnival Tour Soundboard Inputs List
Carnival Tour Band Dressing Room Sign
Neal Smith Mouse Pad - Mirrored Premier (Autographed by Neal)
5th Annual Piney Woodstock Large Banner for Michael Bruce Group
Autographed Troy Powell (MBG) White Towel
Neal Smith Color Photo Business Cards (1 with Written Message from Neal)
Floppy Disk of My Digital Images of Alice and Michael Together (Autographed by MB)
Willim Funeral Home Glen Buxton Memorial Service Program
Art Asylum Rock 'n' the Box
McFarlane Toys Alice Action Figure
Rhino 2000 Calendar (January has Life and Crimes Box Set Promo Photos)
Sony Signatures' Money Clip
Sony Signatures' School's Out Backpack
Brutal Planet Sticker #1 (Summer 2000)
Brutal Planet Sticker #2 (Looks Like CD Cover)
Alice Teddy Bear with Welcome To My Nightmare T-Shirt
Alice Teddy Bear with Brutal Planet T-Shirt
Alice Cooper Rocks 2000 Bumper Sticker
Don't Blame Me--I Voted for Alice Cooper Bumper Sticker
Limited Edition "Insanity Van" Racing Champions Signatures Series 1:64 die cast model car
Limited Edition "Trash Mobile" Racing Champions Signatures Series 1:24 die cast model car

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